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op ed  

op ed

Doomsday Apocalypse or Retail Hoax? A Look at Retailís Future
From The Buxton Co

Recent news may make it seem like the retail industry is in a free fall, but that only makes for good headlines.

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Catering company announces first brick-and-mortar in Hollywood, CA

Edited by Michael Blahy

After a failed business turned into a successful catering company, two knuckleheads take one more stab at a storefront.
With a successful catering company spanning from downtown Los Angeles, all the way to the Westside, partners Mat Yuriditsky and Scot Rogers make a second attempt at brick-and-mortar store.

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An Event Of Default
by Ron Davis

A dispute involving a Florida shopping center, located on Sanibel Island, and a bank lender has not turned out the way the two businesses and their successors have hoped.

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