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Investing in Pandemic‑Induced Commercial Real Estate Vacancies: Land of Opportunity or ...
From The Buxton Co
By Todd Walls, Chief Innovations Officer

Pre-pandemic, it was pretty much a given that a failed location for one tenant led to negative assumptions about the site. It made brands cautious about relocating there for fear of reliving someone else’s mistake. But the fallout from COVID‑19 has brought up . . .

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A Razing Issue
by Michael Blahy

With businesses closing, and buildings vacated, responsibility for the security and upkeep still remain with the owner. Neglect can have . . .

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Keeping up with Your Competitors: Are Location Analytics the New Secret Weapon?

It’s classic business wisdom: when defining your strategies and tactics, you need to understand the competitive environment. No business operates in a vacuum. What are your competitors . . .

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Triggering of Accessibility Upgrades

Former chief building inspector for the City of San Francisco learned the hard way that not all older building are required to be retrofitted to make them accessible to the disabled.

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A New Way of Approaching Tenant Recruitment

The success of brokers, developers, and commercial property owners ultimately rests on their ability to attract tenants. Unless you are lucky enough to represent a property with a waiting list of eager tenants, tenant recruitment is likely an important . . .

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The Dram Shop Act Prevails

"Our decision today illuminates at least one troubling weakness in Idaho’s Dram Shop Act: the statutory language may unintentionally provide a perverse incentive for dram shops and social hosts to provide alcohol to individuals known to be dangerous in order to access the procedural benefits conferred by the Act."

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3 Factors That Will Impact Economic Development in 2021

As we leave 2020 behind and dive into 2021, it’s become clearer and clearer that the world we once knew has changed, in some ways . . .

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Is there an “Independent Agent”?

“Risk and Release” provisions within agreements do not necessarily protect everyone from liability due to negligence.

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Black Friday Consumer Foot Traffic Data Reveals What’s Happening to Malls and Retail Tenants

Commercial real estate industry professionals are watching this year’s holiday retailing season with interest. Tenant bankruptcies, closures, and other cash flow difficulties have made it a difficult year for retail real estate property owners, investors, and developers. A good holiday shopping season for retailers has . . .

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Photo Finished

A New Years fall ended with a resolution not in favour of the injured party and an attorney possibly facing sanctions.
On New Years Day, 2017 Linda Waldon (Linda) was shopping at a Wal-Mart store in Crawfordsville, Indiana. She was looking at some clothes hanging on a rack, when she slipped on a plastic hanger beneath or around the rack. She experienced “back, neck, and head injuries requiring medical care” and her husband Steve Waldon endured the “loss of consortium and companionship”.

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