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Healthcare and Nontraditional Spaces: Factors to Consider Before You Move
From The Buxton Co

In every aspect of their lives, consumers want convenience, accessibility, and the ability to make choices, and their expectations for the healthcare industry are . . .

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Disappearing Intersection
by Michael Blahy

Operating a retail business at an intersection with a state highway brings traffic to your store. What compensation is deserved when the intersection disappears?

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How to Make Your Property Listing Stand Out from the Crowd

With millions of commercial real estate properties listed online, getting yours to stand out to potential investors or tenants can be a challenge.

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A Razing Issue

With businesses closing, and buildings vacated, responsibility for the security and upkeep still remain with the owner. Neglect can have . . .

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How to Transform Your Property with Medtail

Health and wellness is an increasingly important component of healthcare today. Providers are no longer focused exclusively on treating sick patients but preventing illness and chronic . . 

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Triggering of Accessibility Upgrades

Former chief building inspector for the City of San Francisco learned the hard way that not all older building are required to be retrofitted to make them accessible to the disabled.

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5 Medtail Myths

As healthcare becomes more consumer‑driven and consumer‑focused, more providers are choosing retail space over traditional medical office buildings (MOBs) and hospital campuses. They’re joining the “medtail” revolution and finding great . . .

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The Dram Shop Act Prevails

"Our decision today illuminates at least one troubling weakness in Idaho’s Dram Shop Act: the statutory language may unintentionally provide a perverse incentive for dram shops and social hosts to provide alcohol to individuals known to be dangerous in order to access the procedural benefits conferred by the Act."

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Four Best Practices to Attract and Retain Talent in Your Community

Talent is a foundational element in the success of any economic development strategy. Unless your community attracts and retains the talent that local employers need, it doesn’t matter how many . . .

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Is there an “Independent Agent”?

“Risk and Release” provisions within agreements do not necessarily protect everyone from liability due to negligence.

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