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TheLost Generation: Baby Boomers
From The Buxton Co

Today, most retailers are watching Gen Z develop into full‑fledged consumers as they begin to enter the workforce. Born after 1996, Gen Z is now steadily joining the key demographic targeted by most . . .

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Dispute over parking spaces
by Michael Blahy

As part of a project to improve I-70 in Columbus Ohio, Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) found itself promising to exchange property which didn’t belong to them. ODOT required property belonging to . . .

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How the Audiology Industry Can Grow with Confidence

As with many industries that are closely associated with an aging population, the audiology industry in the United States is currently experiencing a surge in demand. The mighty baby boom generation is reaching the life stage where . . .

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Landlord Pays the Bill

What is written on paper matters, regardless of oral agreements, but statute of limitations can also effect outcomes at trial. Reasonable offers of judgement may be worth making and taking.

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Healthcare Marketing Models 101: Understanding the Primary Types

Marketing models have been helping marketers across industries conduct more efficient and effective campaigns for many years, and the healthcare industry is no exception. While many marketers rely on demographic characteristics to segment audiences, marketing models make it possible to . . .

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Disappearing Intersection

Operating a retail business at an intersection with a state highway brings traffic to your store. What compensation is deserved when the intersection disappears?

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Target is Losing to Walmart: Here’s What the Data Shows

The Q2 2023 earnings reports are in and tell very different tales for two U.S. retail giants. While Target’s same‑store U.S. sales fell 5.4 percent, Walmart’s rose . . .

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A Razing Issue

With businesses closing, and buildings vacated, responsibility for the security and upkeep still remain with the owner. Neglect can have . . .

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Integrating Technology into Economic Development Processes

Economic development plays an important role in ensuring the vitality of a community both now and in the decades to come. While there are many tried‑and‑true best practices that have been used successfully for decades, technology can make the process . . .

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Triggering of Accessibility Upgrades

Former chief building inspector for the City of San Francisco learned the hard way that not all older building are required to be retrofitted to make them accessible to the disabled.

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