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The Future of Retail: An Update for Community Leaders
From The Buxton Co
By Julie Glover, Professional in Residence

In March 2020, when most of the country “shut down,” many thought it was a temporary measure and some considered it overly cautious. As the weeks have turned into months . . .

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The Dram Shop Act Prevails
by Michael Blahy

"Our decision today illuminates at least one troubling weakness in Idaho’s Dram Shop Act: the statutory language may unintentionally provide a perverse incentive for dram shops and social hosts to provide alcohol to individuals known to be dangerous in order to access the procedural benefits conferred by the Act."

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Building Consumer Confidence in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries

From The Buxton Co
By Julie Glover, Professional in Residence

Worldwide, COVID‑19 has wreaked havoc on the tourism and hospitality industries, and the length of economic recovery is still unknown. Tourism and hospitality play an important role in the local economies of many communities. As businesses start to slowly and cautiously reopen, how can you and your local businesses inspire . . .

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Is there an “Independent Agent”?

“Risk and Release” provisions within agreements do not necessarily protect everyone from liability due to negligence.

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Evaluating Investment Opportunities as the Economic Recovery Begins

The rapidly evolving consumer behavior and resulting economic challenges sparked by the COVID‑19 pandemic are poised to leave a dramatic mark on many . . .

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Photo Finished

A New Years fall ended with a resolution not in favour of the injured party and an attorney possibly facing sanctions.
On New Years Day, 2017 Linda Waldon (Linda) was shopping at a Wal-Mart store in Crawfordsville, Indiana. She was looking at some clothes hanging on a rack, when she slipped on a plastic hanger beneath or around the rack. She experienced “back, neck, and head injuries requiring medical care” and her husband Steve Waldon endured the “loss of consortium and companionship”.

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Strong Consumer Demand Fuels 18% Rise in U.S. Retail Sales in May 2020

In a happy turn of events for the retail industry, U.S. retail sales rose nearly 18% month‑over‑month in May 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. While sales have not yet returned to pre‑lockdown levels, May’s sales figures reveal ...

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Bumper Carts

In December 2012, Barbara Rieger and Ruth Kurka were shopping at a Giant Eagle grocery store in Brook Park Ohio. Ruth Kurka was using a motorized cart, and while driving by the bakery counter, she collided with Barbara Rieger’s push cart which knocked her ...

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3 Steps Retailers and Restaurants Need to Take in Response to Evolving Customer Behavior

Customer engagement with the retail and restaurant industries is constantly evolving. Lifestyles and preferences change. Technology introduces new ways of interacting with brands. Expectations shift.
The COVID‑19 pandemic, however, introduced rapid and pronounced changes in ...

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Exculpatory Clause Declawed

A tenant sued its landlord for not having adequate parking. The landlord’s attempt to limit its liability failed.

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