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How to Ditch Your One‑Size Fits All Marketing Strategy
From The Buxton Co

Have you ever had a salesperson mispronounce your name?
They call you with the familiarity of a far‑removed relative, preparing to pitch a life‑altering product with life‑changing impact and . . .

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Dispute over parking spaces
by Michael Blahy

As part of a project to improve I-70 in Columbus Ohio, Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) found itself promising to exchange property which didn’t belong to them. ODOT required property belonging to . . .

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Staying Competitive in Today’s Rapidly Changing Healthcare Landscape

From The Buxton Co

In today's hyper‑competitive healthcare market, organizations must use every tool available to stay ahead of the game. One of the most important tools is consumer analytics, which enables healthcare providers to make data‑driven decisions about everything from . . .

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Landlord Pays the Bill

What is written on paper matters, regardless of oral agreements, but statute of limitations can also effect outcomes at trial. Reasonable offers of judgement may be worth making and taking.

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The Power of Customer Data for Targeted Marketing

As a marketing professional, you are the expert on your customer. To target them, you need to understand them at a granular level, identifying exactly what makes them tick (and more importantly . . .

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Disappearing Intersection

Operating a retail business at an intersection with a state highway brings traffic to your store. What compensation is deserved when the intersection disappears?

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Navigating Healthcare M&A: Harnessing the Power of Consumer Analytics

Growing a network is important to healthcare organizations that are looking to expand and remain competitive. As the industry becomes more consolidated and organizations continue to acquire, it can be challenging . . .

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A Razing Issue

With businesses closing, and buildings vacated, responsibility for the security and upkeep still remain with the owner. Neglect can have . . .

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Franchisors: The Insights You Need to Grow

Sustainable growth is key to the overall success for any brand. Without it, it’s difficult to keep the doors open and the ROI . . .

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Triggering of Accessibility Upgrades

Former chief building inspector for the City of San Francisco learned the hard way that not all older building are required to be retrofitted to make them accessible to the disabled.

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