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op ed

New Study Shows the Retail Industry Isn’t Struggling as Much as You May Think
From The Buxton Co

Today’s news headlines scream the end of the retail industry as we know it. This “retail apocalypse” has been discussed so often that it is embraced as fact.
But is it true?

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Catering company announces first brick-and-mortar in Hollywood, CA

Edited by Michael Blahy

After a failed business turned into a successful catering company, two knuckleheads take one more stab at a storefront.
With a successful catering company spanning from downtown Los Angeles, all the way to the Westside, partners Mat Yuriditsky and Scot Rogers make a second attempt at brick-and-mortar store.

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Exculpatory Clause Declawed
by Michael Blahy

A tenant sued its landlord for not having adequate parking. The landlord’s attempt to limit its liability failed.

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Territory Optimization: A Game‑Changer for Growing Franchises

Today’s franchisors face two big challenges: identifying the best territories for expansion and then developing those territories to the fullest. Through territory optimization, franchisors can . . . 

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MOD Pizza
Sets Aggressive Growth Plan

In mid-2016, MOD Pizza announced it had achieved a planned funding infusion intended to buffet the company’s growth plans leading into 2017. At that time, the company operated ...

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Locating Adult‑Oriented Businesses

Cities throughout the world have had the ability to dictate how land within their boundaries are used. Further as circumstances require, additional restrictions are imposed on certain businesses for the protection of ...

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5 Tips for Recruiting Franchisees to Your Community

During the retail and restaurant attraction process, city government leaders often face the challenge of recruiting franchisees. The reason is simple: many retail and restaurant projects require . . . 

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It’s Regarded as The Destination for Hats

The company playfully implores customers, “No matter where you’re at, wear a hat.” By serving the needs of a broad market base, encompassing everyone from core sports fans and fashion-conscious, trend-savvy teens to customers ranging in age from their 20s on up through retirement age, LIDS has become ...

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A Matter of “Degree of Foreseeability”

The public has an expectation of safety and security when visiting a shopping center, but what level of care does a shopping center have a duty to provide?

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How Mobile GPS Data Can Take You Where You Want To Go

Sometimes, companies will come to us for customer insights, but they lack the data necessary for in‑depth analytics. In these instances, mobile GPS data technology can be an effective solution. In addition to assisting with customer profiles and behavioral analyses, mobile GPS data offers other benefits . . . 

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A Consistent Fast Casual Segment Leader

Denver, CO based Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has consistently ranked among the restaurant industries’ best performing companies. When it was founded in 1993, the goal was to provide tacqueria-inspired, affordably priced menu items, of a quality on par with fine dining, but delivered ...

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Misrepresentation "Negotiation Skill"

The “negotiation skill” of a salary plus commission employee landed a California leasing agency in court.

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What Diners Expect at Restaurants – Insights From RLC

As younger generations gain buying power, their preferences and expectations are having an impact on the restaurant industry across all sectors.

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Represents Savvy Retailing

Those familiar with formerly popular confections will recognize Charlotte Russe as a dessert invented by a noted French chef in the late 1700s, who named it in honor of his Russian employer, Czar Alexander I. It consists of a rather elegant ...

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"Excited Utterance Exception"

When a startling event occurs, people say things about it. But when is what they say admissible in a court of law?

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