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Navigating Healthcare M&A: Harnessing the Power of Consumer Analytics
From The Buxton Co

Growing a network is important to healthcare organizations that are looking to expand and remain competitive. As the industry becomes more consolidated and organizations continue to acquire, it can be challenging to navigate the merger and acquisition (M&A) process and find the right partners. To address this challenge, the healthcare industry needs to turn to consumer analytics, and when they do, Buxton is there to help.

Buxton's suite of analytics software and services can help identify potential acquisition targets that are a good fit for your healthcare organization. More specifically, Buxton’s solutions take into consideration the attributes that best correlate with successful clinics in your existing network, allowing you to find potential acquisitions that align with their performance.

While Buxton can support healthcare organizations in multiple ways, the best way to approach your M&A strategy, with regards to analytics, is by following this three‑step process:

  1. 1. Define the status quo by developing profiles of your existing patients. This step ensures that you understand the patient base you currently serve, which is the foundational element of Buxton’s market analysis.
  2. 2. Examine the acquisition target landscape by determining the areas with the greatest opportunity based on the patient profile(s). Once you identify where in the market to expand your footprint, you can better narrow down practices for potential acquisition.
  3. 3. Optimize the market by identifying potential value by implementing statistical models that determine potential for existing locations as well as potential acquisition targets.
  4. Incorporating these strategies will help healthcare organizations develop effective acquisition strategies. As M&A continues to be a growing means of network expansion, consumer analytics will become an increasingly important tool for organizations to stay competitive and grow their network.

    Buxton is the leading customer analytics firm that helps organizations identify who their customers are, where those customers are located, and the value those customers have to the organization.

    2651 South Polaris Drive
    Fort Worth, TX 76137


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