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Retail Real Estate Marketplace

DISCLAIMER: The commercial postings on the PlainVanillaShell.com Marketplace are offered as a service to our members. Data is presented as is, without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. Neither Retail Tenant Inc. , PlainVanillaShell.com, nor its employees or affiliates are liable for its accuracy, for mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained in this area.


By participating in the PlainVanillaShell.com Marketplace, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms of service:

The Marketplace may be used to share leads, solicit business partnerships, offer properties or buildings for sale or lease - or to seek such properties, offer professional services relating to retail (e.g., supplies, construction, maintenance, fixtures, design, consultant services and so forth), or to offer or seek employment in the industry.

Please remember to Include all information necessary for others to respond to your post - PlainVanillaShell.com will not act as a third party go-between for individuals or companies and will not provide names or email addresses to anyone. At minimum, include your name and an email address. Add mailing address, phone numbers, fax numbers and so forth at your discretion. You may also include your company's URL if you choose.

Posts will be removed after three months, or earlier if requested via email by the original poster.

PlainVanillaShell.com reserves the right to remove any post that we deem does not directly relate to the retail or shopping center industry. PlainVanillaShell.com also reserves the right to prohibit or delete posts that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members or the rights of PlainVanillaShell.com or others. However, PlainVanillaShell.com does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that might violate Terms of Service prior to transmission on AOL or the Web, nor can we ensure immediate removal of inappropriate posts or links, though they will be removed as expediently as possible.

We reserve the right to remove the PlainVanillaShell.com membership from any member who violates the standards of the PlainVanillaShell.com Marketplace.


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