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Overcoming Growth Challenges for Emerging Brands Part 1
From The Buxton Co

In todayís highly competitive retail environment, itís incredibly difficult to stand out among well-established competitors. Even the most seasoned retail operators will inevitably face certain challenges that are unique to emerging brands as they try to grow.

Each industry is filled with well-known slogans, recognizable logos and enduring brands that have been around for years.

So to those emerging brands that are coming of age and looking to play in the same space as the more established brands, this series is dedicated to providing answers to some of the biggest challenges that youíll face as you try to grow.

  • Investing Limited Dollars: One of the largest challenges for an emerging brand is cash flow. With limited dollars to invest and high costs associated with building, marketing and training, itís important to prioritize where to allocate funds and minimize the risk of opening a bad location.

  • Scaling the Brand: The second challenge involves scaling the brand. After the first stores are opened and additional dollars are driven into your emerging concept, the next question is, where do I go next? Some of the challenges there relate again to cash flow and finding the next available piece of real estate that fits the brand for growth. To add scale, brands need to figure out which markets make sense, either for corporate owned or franchise locations.

  • Out-Maneuvering Competition: The third challenge concerns out-maneuvering the competition. You are likely facing the challenge of either stealing share from established brands in a mature market or positioning yourself as a leader in an emerging category. That being said, first in usually wins for emerging concepts. But in todayís day and age, great real estate is harder to find and also typically means a higher price tag.

Those three challenges ultimately boil down to one question: where do I plant my flag next? Specifically, where do I open my next location in an existing market and which markets should I tackle next in terms of growth and development?

In the next post of this series, weíll be talking about how analytics can help you determine where you should open your next location in an existing market.

Buxton is the leading customer analytics firm that helps organizations identify who their customers are, where those customers are located, and the value those customers have to the organization.

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