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Realize Your Potential as a Franchise
From The Buxton Co

You have seen your franchise grow and your experience as a franchisor has come from years of hard work to perfect your brand and your products. You have made sure your product represents who you are as franchise. Your brand brings in the customers, and customers identify themselves as loyal consumers. Now comes the question of the next step. Where do you go from where you are today, how do you go beyond market saturation, and what does it take to realize your true potential as a franchise?

Become the Franchise you were meant to be. Maximize your revenue as a franchise and quantify your potential beyond your current market and across the United States. The question becomes, “How much can you grow?” Your franchise has unique tastes, and these are qualities in which your customers see themselves. Your shops have an individual style and theme. Your colors make your franchise who you are as a company, now let’s find those customers across the country and let’s grow together.

By leveraging analytical solutions, you will realize the goals that you have made. The key to becoming the franchise who you should be is by using strategic analysis in order to achieve that goal. The characteristics of your customers will make your customers and we can identify those types of customers from one area to another.

Your customers have key characteristics that make up the profile of who comes into your stores and how much they spend each time they walk in. When selecting where to open new locations and selling new franchises, you will have the confidence to say which locations will be successful and which will not.

Your brand is your identity. Your customers associate themselves with your brand and those become your core customers that you want to access. By identifying the qualities of these customers, you will be able to identify those customers in markets where you have not yet opened new locations. When you want reach new customers that act and shop just like your core customers then understanding your current customers is essential to choosing your next locations. If you optimize your potential revenue by using geo-spatial analytics, you will realize your customer value decay and minimize any value loss when choosing your locations.

There are multiple ways to achieve your goals as a franchisor. Optimize your current markets, sell new locations, and help your current franchisees to market to bring in those customers who resemble your core customer base. If you are able to understand how your customers shop and who they are down to the individual level, then you will be able to bring in the most revenue you can out of your customer. Using this capability, you will be able to accomplish your goals as a Franchise.

Buxton is the leading customer analytics firm that helps organizations identify who their customers are, where those customers are located, and the value those customers have to the organization.

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