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Center Shooting
by Ron Davis

A Mississippi shopping center was the recent scene of a shooting that targeted a local businessman.

The shooting incident occurred at Appleridge Shopping Center in Hinds County following a disagreement between two visitors to the center. One of those visitors owns a trucking company and was at the center on business. The other visitor apparently was there for shopping purposes.

Just prior to the shooting, a bucket fell from one of the vehicles of the trucking company and struck the shopper’s car. The owner of the trucking company admitted that he was responsible for any damages caused by the bucket. He then agreed to an assessment of the damages and said he would pay for any needed repairs. (The center’s management was made aware of the incident, but apparently decided against involvement.)

The two men later met at the shopping center, where the trucking company owner asked the owner of the car if he had determined the amount needed to repair the damages. The car owner responded that he had received a “verbal estimate of $1,200 in cash.”

The trucking company owner rejected that estimate. He stated that he would not pay the car owner for any repairs until he received a damage estimate in writing from a local auto body shop.

That response apparently infuriated the car owner. He called out to an accomplice who had remained in the damaged car, stating, “Man, get on out of this car. Let’s show this mother****** we mean business.”

The accomplice did as ordered, though at first seemed reluctant to interfere in the matter. Nevertheless, he shot several times into the trucking company vehicle. As soon as the trucking company owner saw a chance to escape, he jumped back into his vehicle and sped away from the scene of the standoff.

The trucking company owner then drove to the nearest police station and reported what had occurred. A police investigation followed and police officers found at the scene of the stalemate that evidence revealed the remnants of a shooting. Investigators discovered shattered glass and four spent nine-millimeter shell casings.

The shooter was later identified and arrested. At trial, he pleaded innocent, but was convicted. He then appealed, challenging that verdict.

A Mississippi appellate court agreed with the trial court’s decision, explaining, “We find that the shooter’s guilty verdict is not contrary to the evidence as to constitute an unconscionable injustice.

(Crowell v. State of Mississippi, No. 2014-KA-007)

Decision: June 2016
Published: June 2016



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