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Print Page Tint World
America’s largest and fastest growing window tinting and auto styling center franchise

Edited by Michael Blahy

Tint World is a franchised retail store that offers the sale and installation of automotive window tinting, paint protection film, mobile electronics, car security, accessories and detailing. Tint World was established in 1982 and is currently celebrating its 30th year in business with over 65 franchise locations open or under development across the US.

The Tint World franchise owners desire having a clean retail look to the building. The franchise model is centered on establishing locations in high-end retail store-fronts in freestanding, community, neighborhood, outparcel/pad or mixed use centers. The proposed location would be surrounded by other retail businesses including a nail salon, car dealerships, car washes, restaurant and office space, and there is currently no other business offering the products and services that Tint World does. This proposed business must be consistent with Tint World’s other franchise locations and will not have any negative impact on surrounding properties or potential future developments.

The establishment of a Tint World retail store will add great value to the community, because it will hire local employees in the community. Preferred lease term length is 5 years with 5 term options of 5 years. It is our intent to remain in the same location for the full term of the franchise.

The location should have a total space of 2,000 sq ft. to 6,000 sq ft. and currently vacant. In many cases, our franchisees lease existing facilities that are remodeled to meet our specification.

The interior Store Design is much like an iPhone Store or Radio Shack with an office/showroom area to have consumer product displays, and a studio style workshop area for quick product installations. The leased space requires an overhead door in rear of the building to allow vehicles to enter and exit the rear part of the building space, which is the workshop area with two to four bays for the light installations.

Tint World product installations require a clean workshop environment without open air flow in the facility. To maintain the clean environment, the overhead doors will be required to remain closed at all times except to allow entry and exit of the vehicles, and the workshop area will not be exposed to the public.

Most installations are completed within an hour. Typically, customers will wait during the installation or leave the vehicle and return after the installation has been completed.

Revenue for the year for the 42 currently open franchised stores was 21,000,000.00. The typical Tint World Store serves an average of 10 customers per day with a $200.00 average sale price. The Tint World website www.tintworld.com reflects more detail of services offered and the overall quality of the national brand.

Real estate inquiries and site submittals can be directed to:
Robert Garza, COO

or to:
Anthony Foley, Director Franchise Development

or to: realestate@tintworld.com

Tint World
1000 Clint Moore Road Ste 110
Boca Raton FL, 33487

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